Tuesday, October 18, 2011

seats for three

you know how we can, at times, not even visit the wonderful destinations in our own backyard (when i was in nyc i never got to the statue of liberty or the empire state building) shameful?

well, in sonoma we are in the heart of jack london land. jack had a home in glen ellen..or should i say many homes and there is a state park that we had not visited until last weekend (that is what company does...they embarrass you by saying..."i can't believe this place is only a few miles from hillside and you have never been ..why not?"). hee, hee.

so, last weekend was the first and definitely not the last visit to this breathtaking state park. it was amazing there, quiet, lush and socked full of history.

these photo's were taken in the museum, which used to be one of their homes. the upper level of this grand, stone home had 4 huge window seats and each windows decor was inspired by one of the locations they traveled to. they were the perfect size. one could get totally horizontal with plenty of room to snuggle their favorite pet or friend.

we were only able to explore 1/8 of this state park as we only had an hour, but will return again this weekend.

put this on your list when you come for your visits.


24 Corners said...

I definitely see window benches in Hillside's future...just seems too meant to be!
How fun to have found a new, local place to explore, and one that sounds so beautiful...guests are the best!
xo J~

(Reminds me, we should go to Pike Place Market soon, one of our no-go's unless guests are in town...yes, sad.)

Jennifer said...

All would make amazing reading nooks! So cozy!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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kathi said...

I love window seats too, an opportunity for cushions and pillows, maybe a fireplace close by.
Best to you my friend.......

ARTPOP said...

A strong touch of masculinity never hurts.

Nice window seating.

mb said...

I know it. We can be lazy about what is nearby. Glad you discovered a local gem. It is on my list of next times... Thanks.

mb from big D.

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous window seat! Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx