Thursday, October 13, 2011

no more coulda, woulda...shoulda

when it comes to hillside (also now know as grandpa mo's tree house..ha, ha),i am taking all options into consideration these days. i think there is a reason why we are so behind on schedule with the cabin...because we need more time to think through every detail,.... not at all the money thing :). i am proclaiming this delay to be a "silver lining".

i found this image while hunkered down out east during hurricane irene. thank goodness our friends home was stocked with current periodicals...they kept me distracted for several days. anyway, i think this image is from metropolitan homes or elle decor..and it is also a blurry one. sorry.

i am totally drawn to the banquette bench. the simple built in that covers the seating for half of the table. this is a great solution to utilizing every square inch of the 800 square foot cabin. we could even gain a bit of storage out of it too....

what also drew me to the image was the placement of all the windows in this space..same as hillside. what do you think? i've included a recent image of our hillside dining area...just so you can give me some input if you have time. do you have any experience with built in benches? i don't...but exploring all options.


24 Corners said...

Oh my goodness, it's as if that image was dreamt up just for's uncanny how perfect it is for your space! Love the idea of the banquette under those wonderful windows, you'll never want to leave that space...and it'd be a much more comfy place for b-mo to sit at the table than a regular, albeit very cool, chair.
Ironically, my last post was somewhat about our built-in's a little guy compared to what yours would be, but a bench none the word...piano hinge.
xo J~

Catherine said...

Don't you just love visual inspiration? I drank it up when we were doing our renovation. Couldn't have done it without it.
It will be gorgeous.

coast said...

Love the bench! We have two in our kitchen which is very small so it is great for storage of pots and pans and the like. They sit below corner windows as well, so it is almost like sitting outside. A perfect place to read, pay bills, daydream, or snuggle with my puggies. I love the image. It is from Elle Decor and is in Keith McNally's house on MV. Love, love, love it!

coast said...

On another note I thought of Hillside the other day when I found two darling vintage camp blankets, one with the name of Yosemite Lodge on it. :)

red ticking said...

if you build it they will come... i love it...xx

ARTPOP said...

Not familiar with self home renovation, but I like the idea of the bench, especially if it includes lots of yummy cushioning. Perfect for entertaining the masses or just curling up with a warm book.

Turn your ideas into reality.


brock street said...

24- i am heading out on the internet highway tonight to catch up with all my blogging friends (like you).
i am totally going to take the plunge with this one and thanks for the piano hinge recommend :).

country farmhouse- yes, i need the inspiration...every once in a while it is exactly what i am trying to conjure up in my own head...but there are so many blocks. you inspire me beyond!!

coast - you are so good and you are totally up to date with your periodicals....thanks for the info.
your cozy bench sounds exactly like what i think i need :) the blanket sounds amazing too :)

ticking - when are you coming :)

in the noir - i think we have the same idea here. :)