Saturday, August 27, 2011

its for realz....

irene is a comin. we were suppose to wrap up our magical montauk vacation week today...but all flights and transportation out of NYC are cxld....meaning we are stranded in irene's path.

so, we are still in the hamptons, but have moved off the beach to higher ground and hunkering down for our first hurricane. thank goodness we are with our dear friends r & p who are totally calm, cool and collected planning wonderful meals and flowing wine.

here are a few shots of the east hampton village early afternoon. nothings going to hold back these new yorkers...they are still out and about.


A Perfect Gray said...

what? didn't realize you were safe and keep us posted. donna

24 Corners said...

Oh, stay safe!!! Hopefully Irene will be on her best behaviour by the time she reaches you...she seems to be losing steam and untwisting her angry knickers a bit. It's great that that you have your friends to help keep things peaceful and calm...what a blessing!
Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers...hang in there! ♥
xo J~

ARTPOP said...

Category 1.

mb said...

Good friends, wine, and delish food makes everything seem much more manageable.

Be safe.

mb from big D.

24 Corners said...

Hey B...hope you all made it through your Irene adventure okay and that getting home isn't/wasn't too much of a pain.
When you're back & settled...and rested, please pop on over...someone wants to meet you over at 24C! ;)
xo J~

brock street said...

hey all. we made it back safe and sound and surrounded by angels the whole time...even how we were able to get out of nyc on tuesday instead of wed (5 days after scheduled flight).
brock street is open again :)

24 Corners said...

Great those angels!
Thank you for the wonderful offer to hang out in would be such a treat (and much needed), but I'm in LA this round, helping Gitzi out..she's having some health issues, nothing horrible but I needed to be here.
One day...!
Give b-mo a scratch from me and Ginger, and again, so glad you both made it home safe & sound, I bet you have a few good stories now, love to here them someday!
xoxo J~

Mike said...

I'm glad everyone is ok. The number one priority is that everyone is alright.