Friday, March 18, 2011

so close

it seems to be the rainiest winter since i move to sf in 2005 and for the last month, the rain suddenly appears on the weekends. what is up with that? all i am saying is, i am ready for spring...and the fragrant and sunny morning walks.

first image found at shanna murray blog

2nd and 3rd found on dave coote


coast said...

My thoughts exactly!!! Today it just happens to be beautiful in Seattle... Maybe your post inspired the sun to come out. Hopefully it is beautiful wherever you are today!!!

24 Corners said...

When you lived in the PNW do you remember that's the normal pattern here? I'm sure it's just a passing fancy for'll be back to walking in the sun in no time!
xo J~

brock street said...

coast- there is nothing like a sunny day in seattle. one of my favorite places in the world to be.
unfortunately it wasnt so sunny a matter of fact i was at hillside digging trenches for the rain water to flow into the creek (which is now a raging river). i hope for another day of sunshine for seattle.

24- yes, i do remember that normal pattern. 15 years of it as a matter of fact. somedays i miss the cozy fire and the roaring wind and rain, but mostly miss the late, warm summers.
hoping for spring...and sunshine. have a great weekend.

Karena said...

Oh Kansas City must have the craziest weather patterns of all.
Last Mon Snow! Then gradually warmer 69 Thurs, Rain yesterday windy, Beautiful today!

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24 Corners said...

Hey B...the late warm summers are the best, thanks for reminding me that they do exist, and will be part of daily life once again...soon! Would love for you to pop over cuz I posted a song that one of your recent posts was the bud of an inspiration for...your 'to paint or not to paint' post. I just couldn't get it out of my head and it whirlwinded (word?) itself into the post. The trivial that has to do with the beauty "matters"'ll see what I mean. You don't have to leave a comment, just wanted you to hear the song. :)
xo J~