Tuesday, January 25, 2011

clearing my mind...sleep style

i have read and read and read and..... believed and believed and believed that our sleeping space is suppose to be clear of clutter, tv's and any sort of distraction that will keep us from a pure rest.

that all being said while i am sitting in bed with my lap top on my lap (4 different tabs open), the other desktop computer is playing a netflix show, b-mo by my side snoring up a storm...you get the picture. i am a rule breaker.

i'm wondering if painting the room dark tricks us into night time. i mean if i were living in alaska and needed some dark, this is how i would roll...no questions asked.

i love the risk of this and love the contrast with the white. totally works in my book.

happy dreaming.

top image aubrey road
bottom apartment therapy


red ticking said...

i cannot wait to sleep tight at hillside... xoxo

I Dream Of said...

Love black and white! Pammy has some back lamps that would be perfect in a b&w bedroom...

coast said...

love the simple elegance of these bedrooms. love, love, love the blanket on the bed in the second image!

Laura said...

Brock Street - this beautiful wall reminds me of the lovely dark chocolate wall in the bedroom of your cabin! Yours occurred naturally which makes it even more special.

The white really makes that wall pop!

Eighty-Eight Ideas said...

I love the swiss blanket! Great Blog!