Saturday, September 4, 2010

another reason

....why i vacillate with "to paint or not to paint" the floors. i really like this gentle whisper of gray on these floors. in these photo's they still give me the sense of warmth that i get from many hardwood floors, but do not fret...i will change my mind again tomorrow morning.

i will be waiting for the floors to speak to me and will be sure to let you know via photos :)

more wonderful skona hem photo's


mb said...

Relax. Paint. You can sand in the future without damage. Promise. I have done it many times in different houses. In London, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Dallas, Toronto, and now Dallas again.

mb from Dallas

brock street said...

thanks mb. i needed that last little nudge, i'm really anxious to get 'er done.
are you available in the next month, i would love to have an expert on my team :o)

Laura said...

both floors are just beautiful and reflect soft light in the space. I do like the light grey, however. anything that shows less dirt is perfect in my book.....(smile)

24 Corners said...

Love the gray floors....they do have a warmth to them that will be so comfy & cozy yet they're also airy & fresh, and most importantly...they would compliment b-mo perfectly, what more could you ask for!
Liked first one best...kind of minky gray (whatever that is).