Friday, September 3, 2010

it's gonna be a warm one

heading back out to sonoma (100 degree's) for the weekend to do more demo and this is what i have on my mind......

outdoor shower....part of the FIVE YEAR plan.

galvanized photo dwell
outdoor tub skona hem

ENJOY your weekend


Laura said...

the luxury of an outdoor shower that's a plan!

brock street said...

totally, now we just need to move this cottage to nantucket :0)

24 Corners said...

Great goal! For the meantime, maybe you can just hang a hose over a tree (or some other hangy thing) and pretend.

Stay cool...and happy cabin creating! xo J~

brock street said...

24 corners. i like your idea with the hose and think it will be perfect with the already primitive setting :)
have a great weekend.

red ticking said...

wait for me!!!!!!!! xoxo

Marlene Williams said...

the cute kid!
by the way, an outdoor shower....great one!

kayce hughes said...

There is nothing better than an out door shower!

Dennice {Fringe} said...

have a wonderful weekend, sugarplum! don't forget to drink lots of water in that hot weather.

i like J's "meantime" idea until the outdoor shower comes to fruition. she's clever and tricky :)

love ya!