Tuesday, September 7, 2010

king of the mantel, for now anyway

early 1900's oil on board painting of an elk. the thought was cabin, now i think city mantel suit's him better.

until i get itch for change....and he strolls to the cabin. maybe around the holiday's?

ebay: $49.00

photo by brock street


Laura said...

he's handsome! you have such a great eye....also love the painting with COLOR! (smile)

Marlene Williams said...

the smaller painting is nice! looks great all together!

Abby / 5thjoy said...

nice mix.

i'm big on buying vintage oil paintings online, especially sea scapes. i keep it to less than $100 in case they're horrendous when they show up. truth is, even the ones that are a tad amateurish look charming.

in addition to ebay and etsy i've had terrific luck on goodwill's site: shopgoodwill.org

it requires some digging, but there are good finds to be had.

24 Corners said...

You find the most wonderful artwork on ebay. He's very regal and will look handsome, I'm sure, in either abode!

A Perfect Gray said...

awesome snap...

Milk and Honey Home said...

loving your mantel!

Donna (a perfect gray) sent me over here to check out yours...didn't disappoint. Julie

brock street said...

laura- i thought you would love the painting next to him. it is color...earthy colors...but color nonetheless.

thanks marlene..it all happened so fast and i thought i better photograph it before it changed.

abby- we are on the same page. buying paintings online is my addiction. everything here in sf is so picked over and what is left is beyond my budget. i like your 100.00 rule, i try to keep it at 50.00, but you know how that goes. those lasat minute people who come in and outbid seconds before it closes. dirty dogs.

24 corners - luck indeed. you never know and i think he might be on a permanent rotation. my only concern is getting the cabin done. it is funny how contractors just disappear for weeks at a time. we feel in over our head and desperate for someone reliable and available. just the pain we all have to deal with when doing remodel. i have helped many others, but when it is your own...there is a quick moment of desperate thinking. you made it through...i will hold on to that one today.

perfect gray - thanks ;0). and thanks for sending over your friend at milk and honey home. i spent a good 30 minutes enjoying that blog. i need to quit my job and catch up on blogging. so much to see.

milk and honey home. thanks for checking out my hobby blog. i spent 30 minutes looking at yours last night....it is great and i love your before and after shots. they are what keep me coming back for more.