Wednesday, May 19, 2010

phase one

i'm helping a friend this weekend with her wedding/reception flowers. she wanted to use these milk bottles she has been hanging onto for several months (she drinks the milk) and i think she made the right choice. the location is rustic and in the headlands right on the other side of the golden gate bridge....

when you are on a budget the creative forces can be intense, and this is something i wanted to take off her plate as she has more important task to manage (family, hair and stuff)

so, this is the first phase. wrapping my favorite utilitarian vice (TWINE) around the neck. then... i am awaiting copper hang tags (used for gardening), which i will fasten around the knot on the twine... their names and the date will be embossed with a sturdy pen. usually this is something i do for a gift, but why not transfer it right to a bottle...

then the wild flowers take center stage.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed these hang tags make it by tomorrow...please keep yours crossed too. if they don't, its our secret and magic must ensue immediately.


Bonito said...

wow ! Nice blog,
We benn doing some nice display with flowers here in Mallorca, Spain.
Flowers are lovely!

A Perfect Gray said...

do show us the finishes; wild flowers will look the twine, it's a great a matter of fact, I am a collector of vintage bottles and I've tied twine around most of the bottle necks. why? I don't know. just feels right.

red ticking said...

LOVE THIS..and she has the right genius on the task... cannot wait to see the end result... xoxo

brock street said...

thanks Bonito. glad you found the blog.

perfect gray - i will show you the final results. the copper hang tags have not arrived...oh no. i'm praying tomorrow they show us...down to the wire indeed.

red ticking- your too generous.