Thursday, May 13, 2010

dreamy indeed

my new friend at 24 corners found this great post on cote de texas, to give me more hope and inspiration for the "hoof" lamp. well, it worked and i am inspired...this photo is intoxicating and takes me to a time i am so curious about...the 18th century, in the country side.

this is a photo from Chateau Montgeoffroy in the Loire Valley, France.


red ticking said...

we found one at brimfield and i almost purchased for you so you would have a pair. it was AMAZING... xoxo

Ivy Lane said...

i think you may be on to something! a new "hoof" trend in decor... this could be something!

happy weekend ... or what's left of it!! good Monday ahead!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

just discovered you via perfect gray - love your blog. I have a friend who has stables just like these at her house. Aren't they beautiful?

24 Corners said...

Brock...I'm so glad this really spoke to you!

There's such a funny coincidence here because I *just* visited Cote de Texas and once again, her post had me thinking not only you, but your sis as well. You both love horses so much and the post is chock full of them. I think you both will love it.

Have a wonderful day friend...xo

brock street said...

hi sharon-
i love perfect classic with a twist she is. i wish i could even see stables like that in person.
we grew up with bare bones stables...clean and simple. the horsed want to be outside anyway. :)