Sunday, February 7, 2010

utility wins

in my book. i'm in a constant place of conflict when it comes to clean & modern vs. banged up & old. this sink is the perfect size..great for the dog, soaking linens and just every day.

i'm plotting while hunting for a new house, and the requirements are evolving every day. i think it has to be compatible for a sink just like this one.


Dennice {Fringe} said...

to have a sink as deep as that one in the bathroom would be quite unique, methinks.

sort of ralph lauren-ish, don't you think? i really like it too. and true, you must think of b-mo, he'll need a nice sink for his baths...


Cerré said...

i share the same conflict.
clean modern vs. old antique.
the good thing though, is that this conflict keeps me on my toes.

nice blog btw.


Ashes and Milk said...

I really love your style and blog. Thanks for sharing!


kris 林文媛 said...

love your blog. thx for sharing.