Friday, February 5, 2010

bring on the green

in my food that is (loyal to my neutral interior pallet).

my good friend laura sent me this photo from a great blog janalaurene, along with some recipe notes.

laura wrote "the best thing since grilled cheese sandwiches" and i do indeed think she is onto something here. all the things i love.

its a grilled cheese sandwich made on sourdough bread, pepperjack cheese (or havarti..mmm), avocado (the green), bacon, and apple slices.

this is my sunday brunch this weekend. maybe with some mac & cheese. i better go eat something.


Jessica said...

This is going to be the next sandwich we make...can't wait! Our all time fave :
Rosemary Bread (Essential Bakery-Seattle), Dijon, Fig Jam, Brie, Butter Lettuce and Turkey (Whole Foods no salt). This new one might give it a run for it's money though!

brock street said...

alright already, you got me at fig jam. i don't think i will eat tomorrow as sunday is turning into a sandwich buffet.

Ivy Lane said...

Yum!!! Have a Great Weekend!

Dennice {Fringe} said...

oh. my. lord.

could this possibly overtake our favorite avocado/tomato/poupon/cracked pepper/coarse salt on toasted wheat...?

if anything could, it would be this sandwich. yum!


red ticking said...

so loving pepper jack cheese... think we need to make this for sunday brunch as well... may need to plant and avo tree in the backyard! xo

brock street said...

im planning my grocery list to the store tomorrow.
will be sure to keep minute by minute commentary...hee.

Trevor Allen said...

Oh Lordy. I've got an avocado sitting in the fridge at home. I'm gonna have to make this happen!