Wednesday, February 3, 2010

at last

i finally made it to the candy store here in sf. this premier shop was featured in domino quite some time ago and i intended to beeline there the same day i read it, but life stepped in the way and my mind forsake me.

well, i was in the russian hill neighborhood and stumbled upon it and my heart skipped a beat. i will forgo the total experience as it overwhelms me to think about, but i do want to share this amazing, handmade vanilla-caramel covered marshmallow vitamin.

they are from a candy company in denver called mitchell sweets and i think you just might have to place your online order RIGHT NOW.


Ivy Lane said...

looks like it could have been a divine experience to devour that!

Have a Great Day!! :)

brock street said...

it was totally divine and just my style.
if you like caramel and marshmallow you would love this little treat.

red ticking said...

vit c, d, and e in each bite! love you...