Thursday, February 11, 2010

a union made in heaven

the detail on this sofa knocks my crazy socks off. this sofa is designed and manufactured in new zealand by Paula Coulthard and Sue Haldane, so i don't know how i would get this one home. check out their website and other pieces at Union Furniture.

it is a great old tufted style club sofa that is pretty traditional and could live in a modern space and or your little cottage in the hills or the hamptons.


Ivy Lane said...

I like the length of it.... gorgeous!

Jessica said...

I wish we could get this kind of cool stuff over here...I've been finding the most amazing light fixtures - IN ENGLAND - and can't seem to come across them here, at least not for a decent price. Maybe Union will have mercy on us and send a few of their amazing pieces our way one of these days. (Sorry if I sound disgruntled...been looking at lighting all day, a bit brain torn)

Anonymous said...




brock street said...

i know...i wish we had this kind of quality available here too.
i also think good lighting is soooo hard to find. what kind are you looking for...i will keep an eye out at our flea markets and estate sales.

Dennice {Fringe} said...

all kinds of wonderful!


24 Corners said...

Thank you for your offer Brock, that is very kind of you. I've been looking at vintage styles from Rejuvination, School House Electric, Barn Light & Circa, also a few salvage/antique sights. I need lighting for the whole house, every room, more challenging than I thought it would be. Since I don't have any furniture (that's next) I'm going off the style of the house, old Seattle meets old east coast beach house with a dash of old Europe (it's a beautiful mutt). If anything tickles your fancy while your out & about I'd love to see it, you never know. Again...thank you~

brock street said...

hi jessica-
can i move in when you are done with your home. sounds like you have a fresh start. you should really take your time and enjoy the hunt for the perfect pcs.
i will keep an eye out and post anything tdf.
there is a great place here in sf called paxton gate and they sometimes have incredible oldies but goodies.

Jessica said...

We have quite the story behind our "fresh start", I might have to share it sometime. Our guest room (which will be our temporary living room for a bit, we don't live there yet) was dubbed the "Honeysuckle Suite" (another story) last weekend by my sis-in-law & has quite the list of people ready to move into are officially added to the list ;) Looking forward to finding those perfect's been a while!

24 Corners said...

Brock - I just checked out Paxton Gate and all I can say is WOW! What an amazing place it must be to visit, I wonder if we have something like that in'd think we would of all places, I'll have to hunt. Loved all the suction cup stuff, very creative and I don't know if a skunk skull is for me but it was intersting and funny to see them all dressed up. Thanks for introducing me....