Friday, February 12, 2010

nyc the white way

the expectation, not the reality.

when i moved to nyc i was sure i would find some great industrial space with high ceilings, great windows and a little "in the raw".

ha, long shot. but why not set the bar high.

amsale aberra's loft in the garment district, nyc. images found on great blog called kikette-interiors.



red ticking said...

if we all pool our $$$$ we can buy this. i'm in!!!
i have to paint my floors... i am obsessed... xoxo

brock street said...

ok...i like the idea. it can be our east coast pad.
i know what you mean about painting the floors.
one of the homes we looked at last weekend would have been perfect for the stairs and upper floor.
again, outbid WAY up from asking price. somethings gotta give in SF.

Dennice {Fringe} said...

those photos make me want to BE in that space so that i can thoroughly check it out. they're tease photos :)


Patricia Veltri said...

Nice curtains, beautiful floor and a lot of space…who needs more?