Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tiny & Tidy

I love this kind of a space. you can tell it is tiny by looking at the furniture in the room and how close it is to each has to be in NYC.
to me, this room totally works with all the clutter in it. i imagine this room has to be full of those sunday morning flee market finds, at least that is the impression i get. what really makes this work is the neutral-ness of it all. a pop of color here and there...but themed just like i like it....a little bit of everything without loud splashes of color
i don't recall where i got this tear from...but i think it was el decor long ago.


carrieschei said...

Love, love, love this room!!! It belongs to photog Matt Albiani. It is his nyc living room. It can be found in Domino's June/July 2008 issue. Thanks for the reminder!

brock street said...

call it like it is. ha, i cant remember where i get all these magazine tares and glad for the reminder.