Friday, May 22, 2009

kitchen envy

don't we all have some sort of kitchen envy??? i know i do and it is almost every day. we landed this great appartment almost 3 years ago (rental) that has all its original details except for the kitchen cabinets (i think they are low-end home depot) otherwise the place has all the charm you could ever want. actually, i have some major issues with the bathroom too...but i'll hit that one another time.
every day i want to take the matters into my own hands and pay for the renovation...but have to contain myself and remind myself that i cant pack it up and take it least that seems like the kind of move that would break you down. heee...
heres the real reason why i am posting this one and i will have to sound a little juvenile in this posting: i want that cabinet, i want that table and i REALLY want to taste that olive oil in that great bottle.
This is from interior designer Amanda Mahoney's french and belgian-inspired kitchen and 18th century armoire. found in Australian vogue living

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red ticking said...

can we clone the cabinet ? i want the rolls with yummy butter and jam ! lovely post friend.