Friday, May 22, 2009

2 new loves

my first new love is this camera i just got as a gift. tonight i decided i needed to see what 7:45pm lighting would look like on film (no flash). not bad for getting a quick shot this late in the evening. its a great point and everything. just my kind of camera.
but, the real focus is about these olives. i'm not a huge fan of stuffed olives, but i was at the farmers market near work and this vendor from central california has this sea of olives for tasting. i got a little closer and realized half of them were stuffed....but she begged (ha) me to try this blue cheese stuffed olive with fresh fig glaze. um...can i say i am in love. these are by M & CP farms. if you are in SF, you can get this at the UCSF campus flea market on Wednesday's between 10-3.

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