Friday, May 8, 2009

art in the raw...also known as towel head

"at last" is all i have to say. well, not really ALL i have to say, but it is enough to express a contentment i have. so, i finally found my friend Rosemary Warner and was happy not only because i missed her and have been able to reconnect, but also because i was obsessing over this self portrait shown above.
the first time i went to her 5000 sq. ft loft in Brooklyn (dumbo) NY, i was walking through her entry hall when i saw this amazing portrait. it was just tacked to the wall with thumb tacks and it looked incredible. effortless beauty was captured in this shot. i have to get the story again and confirm where and what time of day she took this photograph.
i generally do not have an envious spirit, but i really had a hankering for this photo. I cant wait for the day to have bigger, open space so she can get the whole wall in a room.
it is so much better in person that in this amatuer picture.


Laura said...

oh, my! the portrait is absolutely stunning....I can see why you hankered for this.

carrie schei said...

Stunning! What a beautiful and restful room.Love the it a red ticking find?