Tuesday, March 17, 2009

latte bowl addiction

i have to out my friend pam and one of her addictions. she is addicted to french latte bowls and she is also a latte bowl hoarder. if i was a little more brazen i might try to sneak one bowl every visit and put my life in danger, but with the eagle eye watching over these, i think i will just admire up close.
this mixture of both cool and warm yellows is just one of her color ways. she has a blue one (big collection), green one, pink one, red one and on and on.
i liked the look of staying focused on this little tray sitting on a great rolling table, in her kitchen. so carefree and yet useful.
every single item in this photo is a found item and quite old. i love the mellow, yet bright pallet of the of the coastal scene oil painting and the pale blue of the table, along with the old wooden tray. i wish i could say these were all bargain finds, but i can only say they were all great finds.

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