Monday, March 9, 2009

no jail time

i recently got back from Tulum, Mexico. it was total magic and the beaches were full of little pieces of coral (dead and broken off of course).
i couldn't help myself though, every step i took on some sections of the beach were covered like carpet with this washed up coral and i just started hoarding and filling my pockets.
i don't know why i keep loading these plates with found objects, maybe my body is telling me i am deficient and need to eat them, but for now i will enjoy the memory of walking these beaches every time i see this coral.
by the way...i made it through customs with a gallon bag full of these little gems and did not get arrested. shwew!!

1 comment:

red ticking said...

cannot wait to go and collect all of these gems... love the post... oh we are friends arent we??