Wednesday, April 1, 2009

breaking up is hard to do

my good friend patti requested that i keep an eye open for any great ironstone bowls or platters. well, i was in idaho this last weekend and hit up a couple of great antique shops.
wouldn't you know it, i fell in love with this platter as soon as i spotted it. i pushed my way through a crowd of retired school teachers who were oohing and ahhing over shabby chic painted furniture and snagged this beauty without them even knowing what was going on. after the grab they all acted as if they were contemplating this purchase (i really didn't plow through...but like the added drama and imagery.
to me, this is one of the essentials for casual/elegant entertaining. this can serve as a cheese platter, a turkey-ham-lamb platter or just about anything you want to present to your closest friends and loved ones.
now i have to figure out how to actually part with it and hand it over to its rightful owner. i have a feeling it might be a process. (just joshing ya patti)

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