Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Night Light

my favorite room: because this room faces west and the evening lights shifts effortlessly every season ,with a different warmth than of the past. September light carries with it a warm, emotion filled glow that only comes toward the end of September. i wish i could capture the light in this picture, but aside from the fact I'm not a photographer, i think it is a light hard to express through a lens.
this room also has a powerful group of women watching over it. most of my collection of images, paintings and photo's of women are in this room. They range from flea market finds, to french oil portraits, to an amazing large photograph i purchased from a friend who let me pay her $50 -$100 a month for over a year until the full $1000.00 was paid off. this was a splurge i was not in a position to make, but rosemary was so generous to let me have a payment plan. i'll write more about rosemary's art another day in its own posting, yeah!!
anyway, can you see how many women are in this photo??


Dennice {Fringe} said...

Oh, I love a challenge! Let's see, are there 5 women in the pic? I counted the ones reflected in the mirror, which I felt was slighty tricky :)

You captured the feel and spirit of this room magnificently! The natural lighting can indeed be hard to capture, but you did capture it. Serene and peaceful and well watched over by all of those splendid women...

I love everything in the room. The horn on the glass coffee table = perfection. yes, indeedy.


brock street said...

your so sweet. i think you are my #1 have to be, your family.