Friday, September 12, 2008


color just isn't my thing. i fear i will become known as the one who didn't take color risks. i look at a neutral pallet and think, "maybe i will throw in a little color and add a nice cactus or branch from any kind of tree that has green leaves" and think to myself " wow, that color makes a huge difference". well, the next day someone comes over for a visit and states the fact, "you should add some color to this room" and i say back "i just did, look at that tree branch with 2 leaves in the corner".
seriously though, i find so much color in this weathered, sun bleached pine table. that i bought from a great french importer near santa cruz. this table was such a deal that i can't even tell you how much.
the top of this table has most incredible combination of pale earth browns and all shades of grey. i find that enough color to sooth my spirit. once in a blue moon i will throw some color in a space and live with it for a few weeks, but then i have to change everything back to minimal color. the red pillow is like a bomb going off in this space. i found that fabric at the gypsy honeymoon in SF

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Dennice {Fringe} said...

that particular shade of red looks truly perfect against the caramel shade of the chair and brings out all the beautiful neutral tones and textures of the space.

what i'd like to know is, did you remove the pillow once the photo was taken? hmm...?