Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Entrance

well, here i am and it feels good to be a wealthy man. i recently vacationed in montauk with some good friends. my new friend rick (boyfriend of my dear friend, patti, who was also the host for the long weekend) was passionately encouraging me to create a blog to capture a history of things that inspired me. interiors and any form of casual elegance.

rick told me about a great blog called "the satorialist" to look at for inspiration. well, "inspire" it was mind blowing. actually, the first day after getting home from montauk, i sat down at the computer and spent 2 hours looking at every entry in the satorialist blog ( starting back in sept 2005). i was embarassed that i had never heard of this blog.

let me get to the interesting part of the wealth. well, on this trip to montauk, my other good friend pam, bet me one million dollars i would not and could not get a blog up and running in a month or a year for that matter. there just happened to be others present to hear this bet (rick, patti & lupe). well pammy, guess what, this blog is up and running and it has only been 2 weeks. (pam call when the check is in the mail because i'm spending money like crazy right now)

so in comes the reason for this first photo. it is the entry hall of my apartment in san francisco and this is my first blog entry-the hard part is done (that first entry) and this photo really rings true to the intention of this site. to share some inspiring photos and ideas with my friends that might just create that casual elegance without breaking your 401k. so, i thought i could tell you a little about the objects and how everyone has access to creating their own style. the entry sideboard cabinet from burgundy, france was purchased from a french antique dealer here in san francisco. she has become a friend and offers great prices. this cabinet was $300.00 (a great piece at a great price), horse etching $100.00 (solid good price), collected books- a few hundred dollars (affordable source of inspiration), mixed ceramic $120.00 (great little investment), diptyque candle (fig) 65.00 w/tax (a guilty pleasure i can't not have), 17ft runner (carpet) for $85.00 found on eBay, and a great little german etching i found at an antique mall for $10.00(shocking).

one down and many more to come.


Dennice {Fringe} said...

Well, dearest boy, even if Pam doesn't pay up (hee), I believe you are indeed a wealthy man. That wealth comes in the form of who you are. You are rich in compassion, sensitivity, intelligence, love, humor, talent and so much more.

I adore you completely and am so very very proud of you. I just know with all my heart that this blog is a symbol of the beginning of great success and prosperity and happiness in your life.

Much love,

Unknown said...

i'm so glad d shared your blog. you're off to a beautiful start. your entry looks amazing! i love design, fashion & mixing the old with the new. i can't wait to see & read more. you too have a gift for writing, it must run in the family. i look forward to many more posts. my best, susan

Anonymous said...

I tried to find the satorialist you mentioned but I have an impression I found the wrong one. Can you tell me how to get to that? I love your blog. I enjoy the way you pu things together and the cool colors is just like I adore. Success!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've just spent a sizeable amount of time going through every one of your posts.

This is one terrific blog. So glad I found you. And I shall spread the word.