Wednesday, October 10, 2012

things are a cookin

we never did end up cooking any meals in the original kitchen at hillside.  as a mater of fact, ripping out this kitchen was one of the very first projects at hillside.  it was super easy taking everything down and getting it recycled or to the dump and really opened up the space.  long gone are the above the counter cabinets at hillside...never to return.

now, putting it back together again did take a bit longer than we had hoped, but that is all par for the course.  and honestly, our makeshift kitchen grew on me and its charming dysfunction had its way with me and i kinda miss it.  

BUT..after a few years of saving pennies for the kitchen fund...we got started and now we are so close to the finish least for the one side of the kitchen.  about one more day with our contractor/friend gus and the drawers will be installed and the baseboards assembled and BAM. so close....



A Perfect Gray said...

oh, i can really see how you miss the cozy, assembled look of the 'in between' kitchen. fun!

love the lamp in the kitchen. a must for me. makes it feel so much warmer.

Sara said...

Ah, Bemo's bowl. I want to roll up my sleeves and make.. what!? oh, fall.. soup!

brock street said...

donna - yes, trying to move on and let it go :). if felt quaint. i am all over lamps in the kitchen too...actually i love to have a lamp on the dining and kitchen tables too....that lamp i found online for 10.00..all marble, just needed rewiring.

sara- bmo is a hard worker and the majority is his cooking. :)

ARTPOP said...

Such calm beauty.

I too like the middle and "end" stage.

marble flooring design said...

You kitchen is well maintained and beautiful. xo
~ Herman Swan