Wednesday, October 3, 2012


well, i was out of country for 2 weeks and this time it was a personal trip and not a work one...YAY.   lets just say it was  visual stimulus overload and i finally gave in and accepted that the best images and memories will always be captured in my heart and thoughts..... as a camera just cant seem to capture the essence and color that my mind holds closely to, or maybe i just need to take some photography classes.  :)

can you guess where i was from these images?  one thing i can say is the doors, the doors, the doors reminded me of my friend donna at perfect gray.  i was able to capture one image of a gray door that i can share now,  but i have many more to share soon.

images by me..instagram filters included


A Perfect Gray said...

lovely, lovely. but not a clue as to where. ok. spill it. (or post more images for more clues)

we gotta know...

Jo in London said...

South of France?

ARTPOP said...

Welcome back.

brock street said...

hey donna- thought of you constantly as the natural gray's were everywhere and part of the beauty. adored it.

jo- that sounds dreamy. that is on the docket for an upcoming vacation. i have been several times, but always on business and never pleasure. not sure i would return from south of france.

thanks north star strong. good to be home.