Friday, April 27, 2012

weather dictates

we have been so lucky with 70's and 80's the last month and that has forced me to the outdoor projects (twist my arm..i would rather be outside with the birds any day).  anyway, i have had a major bee in my bonnet to get the front of the house fully painted, so we can live with it a bit to determine if we are ready to tackle the whole place in this color.

it has been so therapeutic as the progress at hillside seems to have taken the back burner in life.  the kitchen and bathroom are still waiting for their day, there are so many unpainted walls, the floors still need to be stained...and on and on.  this exterior paint job has allowed for a little hope.... and to me, the change is dramatic and just enough to feel a bit accomplished and not totally lazy.

all done by a sprayers on this property (although it might not be the most efficient way), no rollers...just elbow grease and a very sore neck.

i also included a photo of our country retaining wall.  part of the hill has been sliding...ever so slowly and our local friend and landscaper Jermillo has been working on this for us.  all rocks and logs from our property and his approach is old school and just my style.

i promise to get back on the wagon of blogging soon.  i am hoping the moment of crazytown is passing.


ARTPOP said...

The brown is working.

Take your time.

Anonymous said...

Love the color! Wish I knew the name of it. I hope you're enjoying it.