Monday, April 9, 2012

color story

a phrase i hear almost every day....what color story or pallet will this accessory marry back too... is neon still trending for the 2013 spring collection..and so on.

well, when it comes to our own color can get complicated. i wanted to show you our first stab at exterior color for hillside...actually our second (the first was a deep grey..charcoal...dark and beautiful, but not right for this little cabin).

i wanted dark and rich on the outside (to mimic a deep, seaside shingle) and found this Encino Willow from Benjamin Moore. For me it was love at first swatch card. there is this wall of color cards and i immediately went to this color and have been sitting on it for 5 months....waiting for just the right moment.

well, it was in the 70's this weekend in Sonoma, the birds were chirping, the wind chimes gently singing and it was time to paint a bigger section.

what do you think? the trim will change to a creamier white or a charcoal grey..jury is still out on that too. it is only monday and i'm itching to get started again.


Uncle Beefy said...

Love it, love it! Excellent choice. Keep going! :)

brock street said...

thanks uncle beefy. i think i will....:)

A Perfect Gray said...

yum, of course.