Thursday, March 22, 2012

keep it simple

heading out to hillside for a 3 day weekend with lots of "to do's" in store. i get way ahead of myself and have a project list that is beginning to way me down. i just have to remember to take it one at a time and find joy in each little accomplishment, besides....its about the journey..right?

this great home that is also in NorCal really brought me back to reality. keep it simple, nothing fancy, nothing complicated...just enjoy the space and the simplicity. it really feels like a home to me...

have a wonderful weekend..i hope to have some progress reports to share with you next week.

images found here


red ticking said...

hillside rocks... dont sweat it... i want to plan another trip... lets chat... xoxo

A Perfect Gray said...

so soothing -just how I picture hillside. I especially like the open corner shelving and the wood countertop. I have cherry countertops and they are so warm and relaxed looking.

good luck with your "to-dos." make them "ta-das." donna

coast said...

ah...simplicity! nothing better. love that kitchen.