Friday, May 20, 2011

WFH from home. what a week it has been, mama mia is all i will not want to disclose too much emotion.

although we do most of our eating in the kitchen (just off the dining can see the fantastic kitchen cabinets in the style) i end up spending most mornings in this room due to the great light and warmth of the sun and a heater. talk about being totally blessed with a great home in the city...we have window's everywhere and we are perched on the top the views and the light remind me how lucky we are.

anyway, i am also lucky as my job allows me some flexibility in where i work from. i would love to utilize this benefit more often than i do, but when i do flex on location..i tend to be spending my days sitting right here. mostly staring at the dirty windows and reminded of all the cleaning projects awaiting my attention AND of course working feverishly on work work.

happy friday friends. i will be sitting right here.....stop by for an espresso/tea if you have time.

PS. the ikea chairs are still working out, they really fit in with all the mixing and matching going on here...


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Looks Awesome! Enjoy Kim

A Perfect Gray said...

ahh, those lamps...

I shalt not covet.
I shalt not covet.
I shalt not covet.

24 Corners said...

Happy Friday B...what a wonderful space to have to do 'work work' from...I work part time from home and sometimes have a very difficult time focusing on the actual work work (like now)...I admire your stealth! B-mo must be loving the fact that you're wfh, and a little walk together is probably a very nice and necessary break.
Hope you get to have a relaxing weekend friend!
xo J~

btw- Love the oval treasures on your table/desk! :)

Kavita said...

Enjoy WFH, we miss you in the office! Love your table. When can I come visit. x

brock street said...

thanks white was definitely a productive weekend.

perfect gray- you are in my will for the lamps. the household knows to contact you :)

24- arent we lucky to be able to work from home once in a while. lets just say my "get up" is on the casual side of the wardrobe :)

kavita- its almost friday again.

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