Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sailing away...from gray to blue

i wish i were sailing away, but will actually be driving away on a summer getaway to see my sister and family in SoCal (even better). Some of you may know her.....she is the talented one in the family, with that fantastic shop on etsy called fringe (and a great blog too).

this post is dedicated to my friend at a perfect grey. she is always inspiring and pushing my buttons (the correct buttons that is). the image of the houseboat (urban outfitters) started this post...and it went from there.

happy early weekend.


Ivy Lane said...

Bon Weekend!!!!

mb said...

Have a great weekend too. Thanks for your wonderful post.

mb from Dallas

kayce hughes said...

Beautiful images! I am off to check out your sister's site.

A Perfect Gray said...

thank you, my friend. I lost my breath a little with the beauty of your post.

have a wonderful trip...

brock street said...

settled into a great weekend. i love waking up and eating breakfast outside and the temp is 71.

kayce- hoped you liked my sisters shop...she is wonderful and what is special is that everything really is made from a loving heart.

perfect gray - you do the same to me every time you post something.