Monday, August 30, 2010

precious moments

several months ago i posted a photo of a swimming pool in sonoma, california that was the location of a friends post wedding party.

well, the party was this last weekend and i was in charge of flowers/decorations. the bride did not set a budget, but we decided to keep it low key and hopefully take advantage of the local options.

i can tell you we spent:

Flowers $115 (from red barn in sonoma) flowers picked fresh that day. it was ton's and ton's of bunches of many sun flower varieties, bunches of eucalyptus, bunches of other wild flowers they had just cut that day....amazing.

succulents $100 (purchased at a secret location in socal) we put together 60 containers.

containers for succulents $30.00 from ikea and from recycled cans we all saved.

it all worked out, and that is really because it was all put together in love and celebration.

congrats mike and was one of the few summer highlights.

i had to include one photo of peanut...friend of b-mo and mike and sarah's pride and joy :0).


red ticking said...

so are so talented... imagine how good you will be as a wedding planner one day... xoxo

A Perfect Gray said...

I think it is fair to say that I am over the moon with your use of tins and galvanized containers. so simple and elegant. and peanut's garland is just the thing...

brock street said...

ha, ha, ha red ticking. no wedding planning for me BUT, if you ever need my help, you know where to find me :o)

it was so fun to go out and gather the fresh flowers, cut the pay leaves from the tree on the estate and use the tiny local pears and crab apples on the was so easy and you could do it too.

perfect gray - i work to please :o) ha. i love the galvanized too. i just wish we had the tiem to galvanize them a bit more. if only.....
yes, peanut was the star and wore that garland from 10am - 7pm...trooper.

Laura said...

Simply elegant - Best Wishes, Sarah and Mike!

Ivy Lane said...

Beautiful!!! I too am a fan of the galvanized with the fresh flowers.. bravo!

Glennis said...

Lovely, I like the flowers on the dog too.Lots of talent.

24 Corners said...

It's brilliant says summer in such a beautiful way and has that perfect elegant-country edge to it, you and your sis are so talented...really!

Peanut is does b-mo do with garlands around his neck? ;)

brock street said...

thanks ivy & 24.

b-mo would wear that, but he would just sit still and pose. i think it is more of a panic,freeze moment for poor mo.

peanut, unlike b-mo is so friendly.