Tuesday, August 17, 2010

is before better

the real demo on the cabin started last weekend. this was part of the original wrap around porch that was converted into a small bedroom many moons ago.

i know, the before doesn't look so bad, but.......the closet was taking up 1/3 of room and we were needing to see what was under the "charming" plywood ceiling. lucky us.....it is just what we were hoping. you really never know what is underneath and or behind until you start peeling away the layers.

now, the next decisions to be made are:

whether to keep the neglected grass green shag and have it cleaned :)

AND paint or not to paint the ceiling in this little bedroom. i definitely have an opinion, but i differs from my partner in crimes. shoot!!!



A Perfect Gray said...

looks like a great start. that ceiling is wonderful. that's a tough one - to paint it or not...either way, it's good.

what's under the carpet...?

Sara said...

Leave the ceiling the lovely aged color that you cannot get any other way.. paint can be so flat.

Carpet: Interesting that you would consider keeping it. You must have a creative eye. It is an interesting color: modern and natural all at once. It does look good with the ceiling: cool green and warm wood.

What will the use of the room be? Any hope of a long horizontal window at the same height to replace it?

24 Corners said...

Welcome to the world of indecisions extraordinaire!
I too went back and forth on the wood vs. paint thing for a very long time. We have a nice mix of both now. Our floors, cieling, mantle and bar counter are all wood which allowed for the cabinets to be white...(then the white wall/colored wall decision showed up).

If you paint the ceiling...the floor could be wood (which is much cooler - temp wise) as could other introduced elements.

Best advise I can offer though is: Go with your initial gut...and try to talk your "partner in crime" over to your side (forgive me partner in crime)! ;)

btw- sometimes my "gut" was maneuvered to a different way though and it actually worked out...sshh, don't tell anyone (hope that doesn't confuse you more).

24 Corners said...

Sorry for the long comment...so excited for you both! xo

Anonymous said...

yep, its a hard one. me, i'd go a little rustic and leave the ceiling, looks great anyway. down the track, when you've finished everything else, if you think paint would be better, do it then.

looking forward to following your project!

brock street said...

i will ease your minds.
we are NOT keeping the carpet :)
under the carpet lies linoleum squares from the 40's. we are just going to install pine floors over it....when the funds arrive.
i agree....the ceiling is lovely and you cannot take it back once you paint it...

sara- we are on the same page. we have some friends who gave us a few turn of the century french doors and one is going to go in this tiny room...and it will take you right onto the porch. indoor outdoor.

24 corners- i love the words of wisdom from someone with experience...all is valuable and that is what community is about..sharing learnings.

A Perfect Gray said...

awesome about the pine floors. we put wide plank pine in the kitchen of our 1940's home when the original hardwood was stained beyond repair. I wanted heart pine but could not find/afford it...

Sara said...

Ah, thanks for the update. Can see it now! Also love those french chairs in the next post.

kayce hughes said...

Toss the carpet and paint the ceiling. Love all of the horizontal wood.

Anonymous said...

Consider a watered-down-paint wash on that ceiling, in a gray or white or tan or some such neutral base color. A light wash will refresh and lighten the whole room, but will still show the grain patterns from the wood. The lighter you make the ceiling, the higher it will seem to be. We've just done this same thing, been around this same decision corner on our wood ceiling, it is SO MUCH FUN! To make it even more fun around our house while we're living in rehab construction mode, I set up the Scrabble board, every time one of us is frustrated with the other, we go put down little words expressing frustration. I got up this morning and see my husband has entered "NO VOICE" on the board! Hysterical! Have fun!

sherpierson said...

Scrap the rug... absolutely. Leave the ceiling as it is and see if you like it. With drop cloths you can change it to a sunny yellow or something later.