Friday, January 1, 2010

a tradition

whenever i am in so cal visiting my sister and family, we hit up the local antique/junk store. this is always top of the agenda as we are both seekers and diggers. i think we spent almost 2 hours this time, but boy did that 2 hours fly by.

i walked out the door spending $56.00, but still had to make 2 trips to the car as i couldn't carry everything in one trip.

speaking of tradition, i love this traditional native american motif. this is a hand woven pillow that i would typically pass up, but for some reason this one had the perfect balance of color and pattern and the perfect price of $8.00.

cheers to a blissful 2010 and cheers to great finds!


Laura said...

I adore your needlepoint pillow! It has just a pop of color and adds just the right touch! What an eye you have, dear friend!

brock street said...

your so kind laura! thought you might like the color.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Beautiful pillow! I invite you to link up for Thrifty Thursday this week. This would be great!

Unknown said...

i am jealous! whenever you get sick of it, i am game to babysit that pillow for you! xx

brock street said...

hey katherine-
lets trade one day....hmmm, i can think of dozens of equivalents...hee.