Friday, January 29, 2010

rough-hewn me please

not much to say except...texture, texture and even more texture. the ceilings are dreamy and i am going to give this photo to our real estate agent and see if he can put this rough-hewn ceiling at the top of the priority list. the table at the end of the bed sets me right over the edge.

this reminds me of an old, converted monestary i would stay in in the south of france.

i can't find the image location, but i think it is from modern france.


Brenda said...

Looooove!!! Seriously love all of that rustic wonderfulness!

brock street said...

hi brenda!
me too....are the great little converse just a topper.

coast said...

Ahhhh...Love, love, love this room!!! Cozy and spare. Would love to hibernate in here for a few days.