Saturday, February 7, 2009

don't give up on us,la,la,la...

ebay continues to be a great source of inexpensive, original art. this is one of those items you bid on and think "someone is going to show up at the last minute and steal this from me", at least that is how i felt about this one. there are just some items you feel like you have to have.
well, the bidding started at $4.00 and soared up to $21.00... the end time was during work hours and i don't have a spare minute to check the status at work, even if i just never works.
so, the long and short of this epic find is I WON, and with shipping this adoption was under $30.00.
the fun tidbit is that the seller did not know where this photo was taken, so when the mail came and i opened it up, i discovered it was taken here in SF on the bay. i love these kind of happy endings.

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red ticking said...

you better keep this one... or send it on up to seattle!