Monday, March 25, 2013

shocker.....i'm back

hi there long lost blogging friends!!  i know i know i know.....i honestly have not looked at brock street or any blogs since right before the holidays, i guess i needed a bit of a break.

hope this finds u all well.

i wanted to give u a little exterior progress report.  the chain link gate is!!  we extended the stone wall too...and added some stones and of course more gravel.  the saying remains the same "slow & steady...more slow than steady".  progress is still progress....right?


A Perfect Gray said...

so wonderful to see you back, mr. brock street, though we certainly understand the need to step away.

delighted with your progress and your return....donna

ARTPOP said...

There you are. :)

In SF for a few days in June.

Sara said...

that's a beautiful back corner.

see. we all come wandering by. anticipating.

brock street said...

dear donna,
good to be back and greeted by you, one of my all time favorite peep's.

keep me posted on your june dates. would love to grab a coffee.

thanks so much. LOL..that is a front corner, not a back. maybe when the front gets finished i will post the whole kit and caboodle.

primjillie said...

Very nice and nice to see you back.

24 Corners said...

Hillside and your new gate are looking so great!
Taking a quiet break is just as much a part of the creative process as the gushing whirls artful output are...they need each's a sign of true genius! ;)
xo J~

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...