Thursday, July 30, 2009

the best cab ride of my life

i'm back from a long haul to asia. everyone said i must take as many inspiration pictures as i could.....well, there was no time at the end of the day, but i have to say everything i could dream of was in a taxi ride to a show room in Hong Kong.
i mean does this guy get it or what. he is bringing some sunshine and life along with him at work. the way he has this old plastic bottle fastened to the dashboard with an old piece of wire is perfect, and then his little bouquet of flowers doesn't get any better.
the best cab ride ever....his vibe was good and he was playing some patsy cline on the radio.
sorry about the dark quality of the doesn't do the feeling and emotion justice. used the old cell phone.


Laura said...

This is simply amazing! As many times as I have been to China, I have never seen this. A bit of elegance in a Hong Kong taxi! And a little Patsy never hurt!

red ticking said...

love it.