Saturday, January 31, 2009

double exposed

i know, i know..i used these same little tree's a few months ago on the kitchen table. i thought that after the holiday's i would have to move them outside, but they are thriving, so i moved them to the living room.
so, the idea to share is the canvas turned around (painting facing the wall) so the back, raw canvas acts as a frame for any object you put in front of it. i love this idea! the trees have the perfect back drop to give them full impact. simple, clean and a nice little break from one of my favorite portraits.
i can't wait to turn this around in a month or so, i hope it is like seeing the painting for the very first time.


Decorno said...

What kind of plant is that? They look great. And the pots are amazing.

Decorno said...

Ah, nevermind. I see from your other post on these that they are in fact boxwoods. :)

brock street said...

they are a special kind of boxwood. i will get you more details.