Tuesday, March 26, 2013

wood...aloe...& a man's best friend (insta-style)

so...in all honestly it seems like the little bit of energy i found to blog in the last few years has quickly diverted to the instant gratification of instagram.  it is as easy as taking a photo, filtering it to enhance and publishing it for the world to see...or in my case 40 followers.

in an effort to catch up on my blogging...i am going to share some instagram moments at hillside as often as i can...it will hopefully keep me posting and the creative juices flowing.

this post consists of:
a photo of wood..from a fallen tree..one that came down on a windy night when i was at hillside alone.  i heard the cracking of the branches and i grabbed bmo and ran to the front door.  thinking for sure this was it...thank goodness the tree was a good 50 yards away, but sure did sound like the tree right above the property.
an old terracotta pot that has been painted several times..and the paint has chipped right off.  found at junk store in san diego several years ago. $1
and....man's best buddy..the Mo.

if you want to follow my semi-boring life on instagram you can find me at mrvelvick.


Anonymous said...

great photos! looking forward to more :)

Georgina said...

I am the same... Instagram is my go to for inspiration now. Will look for you there.

24 Corners said...

Awe, b-mo and instagram pair perfectly together!
I've not had much blogging energy of late either and have been letting Pinterest 'take me away' (only for the past few weeks, very new to it all). It's so easy when the energy is on the low side.
Here's to new blogging inspiration and way more energy!
Happy Easter...
xo J~

Uncle Beefy said...

I love your instagrams! But it's also nice to see you back here (loving the new gate, btw!)... whenever that may be. We all juggle so much and when you look around the blogosphere you're not alone in the sporadic postings of lack of blogging motivation. I feel ya', mister. We're here whenever and wherever you are. :)

Jo in London said...

I only just discovered that you're back on the blog this morning. Welcome back!
I'm on Insta too as iamthegirlof100lists and I've put in a request to follow you.
Best wishes from rainy old London.

Sara said...

beautiful images. I'm spoiled. Can you just occasionally post more instagram here? B'Mo love. Style. Wood. Your curation.

Mila @Split-Site PhD said...

A tree falling anywhere around me would scare the pants off me. I loved your chipped little pot. It gives it so much more character. The Mo looks very serious here in this picture but he is so cute at the same time. Thanks for the post.


Nan Myers said...

just started following you... instagram is the way to go for sure.

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Rachelle said...

This is awesome!

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